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Introduction to Factor

The Building Blocks of DeFi


Factor's philosophy revolves around simplicity and flexibility. Our architecture and integrations encourage fluidity across protocols. Users are not only able to participate but also to become creators and innovators. On-chain strategy management, treasury operations, or even the development of entirely new DeFi primitives are all within reach.


Our architecture seamlessly connects existing protocols and provides the essential building blocks for innovators to craft new DeFi products and strategies. Learn more about our products in our Product section here.


Our tokenomics were designed to streamline the staking process, stimulate long term engagement, and provide additional incentives to stakers who contribute to Factor's ecosystem growth. Please see our Tokenomics section and FAQ.


Factor values security. We frequently audit contracts (> 25 audited contracts in 2023) with Peckshield and Sourcehat. Additionally, our contracts are being monitored by Chainalysis. Learn more in our Security section.

Partners Include

The full list of official partners can be found at the following link: