Personalized No-Code DeFi Strategies

⌛Coming real soon to a dapp near you!


Studio enables anyone to create automated multi-protocol DeFi strategies directly from the Factor dapp, no code required. Drag-and-drop strategies from across DeFi protocols in the Strategy Builder or take advantage of established DeFi strategy templates to generate permissionless strategies that are fully owned and controlled by you. Studio abstracts away the technical complexities, empowering users to focus on creating effective DeFi strategies in record time.

Studio leverages multiple Factor solutions (Strategy Builder, Factor Building Blocks, Factor Adapters) to create a simplified strategy mixer interface. All of Studio's factory contracts have been audited and undergoes continuous monitoring ensuring permissionless and secure creation of customizable smart contracts that automate your DeFi strategies.



Supported Protocols

Factor Studio has integrated with multiple leading DeFi protocols, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities for your strategies.

Please refer to Supported Protocols to view the full list of integrations across the various DeFi segments.

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