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Factor LP (Liquidity Pool) Management Building Block provides a robust suite of convenience features that greatly simplifies the liquidity management process across AMMs. The LP Management Building Block supports liquidity functions across multiple pool types, including concentrated liquidity pools. The LP Management Building Block reimagines the liquidity provision experience and enables users to launch a wide range of automated LP strategies with simple configuration flows and flexible parameters.

Factor LP Management Building Block provides powerful automation workflows for the following liquidity actions:

  • Create, deploy, and close positions across multiple integrated liquidity protocols

  • Migrate positions across liquidity protocols

  • Automated profit-taking

  • Auto-compound LP trading fees and farming rewards

  • Access more liquidity with one-click looping leveraged positions

  • Change positions ranges, token ratios, or fee structures with a single transaction

With many more integrations with leading liquidity protocols to come, Liquidity Providers now have a simple interface to manage all their positions without worrying about specific liquidity protocol differences. The LP Management Building Block enables efficient management of liquidity while simultaneously automating strategies to maximize yield.


  • User-Friendly Consolidated Interface: Create, deploy, and retire LP positions across various liquidity protocols with ease from a single streamlined interface.

  • Powerful Liquidity Automation Workflows: Save time by taking advantage of automated workflows that simplifies complex manual processes into a single action.

  • Mitigate Risks With Dynamic Asset Management: Stay on top of the market by implementing pseudo delta-neutral strategies that algorithmically adjusts to neutralize the impact of price movements in real-time.


Factor has integrated with leading liquidity protocols, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities for your strategies.

Visit our Factor Discover page to see the latest liquidity strategies.

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