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Strategy Builder

Drag-And-Drop DeFi Strategies


The Strategy Builder provides a drag-and-drop canvas where creators can experiment, test, and deploy various strategy combinations. Strategy Builder provides an intuitive interface for users to mix-and-match various Factor Building Blocks without the need to code. With Strategy Builder, users are able to focus on creating actual DeFi strategies while significantly reducing the time to market.
DeFi strategies are only limited by your imagination as Strategy Builder is natively integrated with strategy abstractions (Factor Building Blocks) that can seamlessly interface with the rest of the DeFi ecosystem (via Factor Adapters). This includes operations such as liquidity provision, lending, swaps, etc. Strategy Builder handles the complex tasks of packaging your strategy and executing it on-chain.


  • Infinite Strategies: Mix-and-match a myriad of operations across multiple protocols to create your perfect DeFi strategy.
  • Simple And Intuitive Interface: Users get access to a simple drag-and-drop interface that can be accessed via the browser.
  • No Code Solution: Each strategy is conveniently packaged into it’s own Building Block whose inputs can be easily configured via the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Transaction Batching: Strategies can be chained together and executed as a single transaction thereby saving time and money.
  • Comprehensive Testing Tools: Strategy Builder comes equipped with a myriad of testing tools that enable real-time debugging as well as comprehensive error logging.
  • Strategy Templates: Save time with curated strategy templates which chains together commonly used strategies into a single workflow.
  • Save Your Strategies: By signing-in with your wallet, you can also save your favourite draft strategies to be further improved in a future session.