We believe that community governance and a robust process will benefit Factor's ecosystem. The DAO will enhance decentralization by having members participate in the protocol's governance and guiding it to new heights.

The community will also be incentivized to grow the protocol's value by expanding its ecosystem with new products, partnerships, as well as research to help the DAO make informed decisions. We want to create a vibrant, research-driven community that benefits anyone interacting with the platform.

Participating In Factor Governance

DAO members may lock their FCTR tokens to accumulate veFCTR and take part in the DAO’s governance mechanism by voting and submitting proposals.

Longer lock-up periods result in greater veFCTR allocations to incentivize long-term involvement within the community. FactorDAO stakers will receive esFCTR as a reward for supporting the decentralization of the DAO.

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