Vote On Emissions Distribution


By voting with your veFCTR on Factor Scale, you will be able to influence the distribution of Factor emission rewards to your preferred strategy vaults. Factor has allocated up to 100,000 FCTR per epoch to be allocated to curated strategies based on veFCTR voting on Factor Scale. By allocating your vote (i.e. 1 veFCTR:1 vote) to a strategy, you are directing a proportion of the emission rewards to the vault based on your protocol contributions.

Emissions Multiplier

Factor Scale implements an emissions multiplier for every veFCTR used to vote on the emissions rewards. More details on the voting process can be found here.

Vote For Your Favourite Strategies

Step 1: Access Factor Scale

Navigate to the Factor Scale page to start influecing emmission rewards. If you're already on the Factor dapp, you can access Factor Scale via the "Scale" option in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Add your votes

Once, you're on the Scale page, you can start to allocate your votes by selecting the "Add vote" button which will open up the strategy vault picker.

Step 3: Navigating the vault picker

Factor Scale enables you to search for your favourite curated vaults and allocate a percentage of your total voting power towards it via a vault picker pop-up. You will also be able to see your total voting power, vote allocations, as well as any unallocated vaults to the right of the pop-up.

Step 4: Search for your vault

With so many strategies being created on Factor, navigating them all (even the curated ones) is a task hence the pop-up provides a convenient search function. You will be able to search for your vault by typing the vault name into the search bar.

Step 5: Allocate your votes

Once you've found your desired vault, you can then specify a percentage of your total voting power that will be allocated to that vault. Note that the sum of all the percentages across unallocated and allocated votes can not exceed 100%.

Step 6: Confirm your vote allocation

Once you're happy with how your votes will be distributed, click on the "Vote" button to confirm your choice. This will require a signature as your votes are recorded on-chain. Upon confirmation, you will be able to view your updated votes distribution.

You can even view your allocation in more details by visiting the My Votes tab under the main Scale page.

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