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Zap is a feature integrated into Factor's infrastructure, and it enables users to deposit any asset into any strategy. This removes friction from the deposit process as users can easily deposit regardless of the type of tokens they hold.

Functionality of Zap

  • Universal Deposits: Zap allows users to deposit into any vault using any token they hold. This eliminates the requirement for specific tokens for different vaults.

  • Instant Transitions: The feature ensures rapid and secure token conversions and deposits.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Zap optimizes for the most effective conversion routes, aiming to provide the best rates with minimal slippage.

How Does it Work?

  • Deposit Process: Users can select any vault on the Factor platform and deposit using any token. Zap then automatically handles the conversion of this token into the required token for the chosen vault.

    1. Selection: The user selects a vault and the token for deposit.

    2. Zap Operation: On confirming the deposit, Zap converts the selected token to the vault's required token.

    3. Completion: The conversion is executed, and the deposit is made into the strategy. The user receives real-time updates on the status of each transaction.

We've taken extensive measures to guarantee a safe and reliable experience. Our contracts have undergone comprehensive audits at both the infrastructure and strategy levels by Peckshield. While continuous transaction monitoring by Chainalysis adds an extra layer of security. For more details on our security measures, please visit our security page.

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