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Factor Boost

Incentivizing Deeper Liquidity Through Permissionless Rewards


Factor Boost allows anyone to allocate any ERC20 token as additional rewards for depositors in a target strategy vault. This means that any Strategy Manager (i.e. protocols or individuals) that has a public strategy will be able to incentivize deposits through the “boosting” of strategy yields via reward token distribution. Just select a target vault as well as a whitelisted ERC20 reward token and Factor Boost will automatically apportion the reward tokens to vault depositors.
Reward Token Whitelisting
For the whitelisting of reward tokens, please email [email protected] with your request (e.g.[TOKEN WHITELIST]) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Factor Boost rewards are distributed linearly over the period of 7 days from when the reward tokens are deposited. The number of reward tokens allocated per block is then distributed proportionally based on the total deposits in the vault for the specified block. In cases where the target vault has an existing rewards schedule, any additional rewards added will be apportioned according to the remaining time of the first created rewards schedule. As Factor Boost matures, more advanced rewards scheduling options will be supported.
Factor Boost is accessible via the Factor dapp. While the concepts underlying Factor Boost has largely targeted protocols, the ease of creating vault reward schedules via the Factor dapp ensures equitable access to incentivization mechanics. Strategies which grow the Factor ecosystem might also receive additional boosts via FCTR tokens disbursed by Factor.
Factor Boost Incentive Matching Program
Factor will allocate 50,000 FCTR per epoch (weekly) over an initial period of 6 months for Factor Boost. Depending on the outcome of a community vote, Factor will match up to a maximum of 10,000 FCTR per partner per epoch, against native tokens provided by the partner to boost vault rewards.
Please complete the relevant form below if you would like to submit your vault for the program:


  • Automated Incentive Distribution: Deposit reward tokens and Factor Boost will automatically calculate and disburse rewards according to real-time liquidity contributions.
  • Unrestricted Boosts: Anyone can boost their favourite strategy vaults by contributing reward tokens to their target vaults via the Factor dapp.
  • Distribute Any ERC20 Token: Factor Boost enables any ERC20 token to be distributed as rewards following a successful whitelisting request.