đŸĒ„Flash Loan


The Flash Loan Building Block enables instant access to uncollateralized loans with zero default risks. Strategies utilizing the Flash Loan Building Block are able to source initial capital required for their trade in a permissionless and trustless manner. With the Flash Loan Building Block, users get equitable access to capital which is determined by the effectiveness of their created strategies.

Through integrations with flash loan protocols, the Flash Loan Building Block allows users to take advantage of blockchain transaction execution flow with relative ease. As flash loans are created and repaid in the same block, users get risk-free access to liquidity while avoiding the introduction of bad debt in the flash loan market.


  • Instantaneous Liquidity: No waiting times as your loan is conditionally executed based on actual strategy performance.

  • No Collateral Required: Borrow as much as you need as long as the loan (and interest) is paid back within the same multi-step transaction.

  • Trustless Loans: Loan eligibility is determined by strategy effectiveness and not your financial (i.e. credit) or personal history.


Factor is continuously working to integrate with the leading flash loan protocols thereby enabling practically unlimited access to liquidity.

Visit our Factor Discover page to see the latest flash loan strategies.

Don't Limit Your Strategies To Just Flash Loans

Factor Studio enables different Building Blocks to be mixed-and-matched thereby facilitating multi-step strategies which span across the whole DeFi ecosystem.

Please refer to Supported Protocols to view the full list of DeFi protocols which have been integrated with Factor Studio.

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