Factor Docs

Staking and Governance

Stake FCTR to receive veFCTR, the token that forms the core of Factor's governance. veFCTR holders gain 50% of protocol revenues and governance rights.
The veFCTR system rewards longer commitments with an up to 2.5x multiplier on emissions, offering significant boosts on vault incentives for maximum-duration stakers.
Factor will use single choice voting for regular governance processes, and Scale rewards will be directed based on a weighted voting process.


Linear veFCTR Decay: The decay of veFCTR value over time remains linear, ensuring a predictable and transparent reduction in voting power as the lock period progresses.
The maximum lock-in period for veFCTR is two years.
Greater Incentives for Max-Lockers: Stakers opting for the maximum lock-in duration can now benefit from up to 2.5x multiplier on incentives, significantly increasing returns on both Scale and upcoming Boost mechanisms. In contrast to the staker’s veFCTR holdings, the linear decay does not apply to the reward multiplier.

Factor Scale

Factor Scale is a reward distribution mechanism that enables veFCTR holders to vote on yield boost across various vaults.