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Factor Yield Building Block automates yield farming strategies across DeFi AMM liquidity protocols. Through auto-compounding LP returns, the Yield Vault maximizes potential yield while simultaneously minimizing manual overheads (i.e. gas costs, capital rebalancing, etc.). Factor Yield Vaults are permissionless enabling anyone or any organization to deposit tokens and immediately start earning amplified yields without any lockup.
With integrations across multiple liquidity sources, users are able to seamlessly access automated yield farming strategies on their favourite protocols. Factor Yield Vaults support both single and multi-asset strategies. More advanced users can even leverage Factor’s Strategy Builder to build your own strategy without worrying about technical implementation details.


  • Auto-Compounding Yields: Yield generated is periodically reinvested thereby maximizing market making capital efficiency.
  • Gas Costs Socialization: Gas costs incurred when managing the position is distributed across all LPs thereby saving individual LPs gas.
  • Reduced Reward Token Exposure: As yield farms generally incentivize liquidity by distributing their own reward tokens, the periodic reinvestment into the underlying token pool minimizes exposure to supplementary tokens.
  • Liquidity Protocol Abstraction: Manage your liquidity positions directly from the Yield Building Block without having to directly interface with the underlying liquidity and yield farming protocols.


Factor has integrated with leading yield farming protocols, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities for your strategies.
Visit our Discover page to see the latest yield strategies.
Don't Limit Your Strategies To Just Yield
Factor Studio enables different Building Blocks to be mixed-and-matched thereby facilitating multi-step strategies which span across the whole DeFi ecosystem.
Please refer to Supported Protocols to view the full list of DeFi protocols which have been integrated with Factor Studio.