đŸ’ŧFactor Bribes

Allocate ERC20 Bribe Rewards To Get Even More esFCTR Rewards


Factor Bribes enables anyone to influence the distribution of Factor Scale rewards through bribing veFCTR holders to vote for a specified vault. By bribing Factor Scale voters, bribers achieve greater capital efficiency as the value of the protocol rewards can potentially outweigh their initial bribe amount. Being permissionless, Factor Bribe creates a competitive governance bribing market therefore ensuring the best rewards for Factor voters.

Factor Bribes' rewards are accumulated in a separate pool with the protocol automatically tracking the distribution of Factor Scale votes to calculate the bribe rewards accumulated to a veFCTR voter. Bribe rewards are distributed proportionally based on the amount of vote weight each voter allocated to a bribed vault during a specific epoch. Bribe rewards can be claimed upon the completion of the relevant Factor Scale epoch.

Through native integrations, Factor Bribes encourage further governance participation via Factor Scale through permissionless rewards. This not only further spurs decentralization but also strengthens the economic security of the Factor ecosystem by aligning the goals of FCTR voters and bribers.

Bribe Refund

Do note that in the case that a bribed vault does not receive any votes within the same epoch, the briber is able to withdraw their deposited bribe amount.

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