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Studio Discover

Connecting Users To DeFi


Studio Discover bridges the gap between professional strategy builders and DeFi users by providing an intuitive interface for users to explore and participate in a diverse array of professionally managed DeFi strategies. With easy access to an ever expanding pool of DeFi strategies, Studio Discover greatly simplifies the process of finding suitable opportunities based on personalized preferences and goals.
Sitting at the top the Factor Studio stack, Studio Discover provides a gateway for users to access a comprehensive suite of pre-built DeFi strategies directly from their browser. By equipping users with advanced tools and data required to navigate an increasingly complex space, Studio Discover facilitates informed decision making via supercharging DeFi accessibility for the masses.
Critically, Studio Discover is a crucial component that fosters a thriving DeFi community. For strategy builders (i.e. Creators), Studio Discover functions as a valuable distribution channel amplifying the visibility of their strategies. Conversely, users get unlimited access to a myriad of competitive strategies thereby driving even greater innovation.


  • Access To Unlimited Strategies: With no limitations on what DeFi strategies can be built on Factor Studio, Discover users are able to engage with any public community built strategies.
  • Discover The Best Opportunities: Discover provides curated lists of strategies with more advanced sorting tools and data for users to uncover the most suitable opportunities.
  • Safety & Risk Metrics: Every strategy on Discover comes equipped with critical safety information derived from a combination of factors such as token liquidity, protocol audits, etc.

Coming Soon

  • Community Driven Insights: Discover’s ratings and reviews feature enables users to learn from the experiences of other users thereby driving more informed decisions.
  • Compare Strategy Performance: Discover’s comparison tool enables users to easily narrow down potential strategies by showcasing key strategy metrics side-by-side.
  • Personalized Profiles: Pick up from where you left off with Discover’s Profile feature that enables customisable browsing preferences.