Factor Docs

What does Factor Studio offer?

Factor Studio's versatile toolkit allows users to create a wide range of DeFi instruments, including:
Vault Architecture: Factor’s vault architecture supports a versatile range of strategies, encompassing yield farming, active management of multi-asset portfolios, passive indices, and active trading vaults. Our architecture enables automatic and manual swapping within vaults, catering to various user preferences and investment approaches.
Flexible Vault Parameters & Layered Permission System: With customizable parameters such as fees, policies, permissions, and lockups or cooldowns, Factor DAO ensures users have control over their assets while maintaining a fair and transparent experience through safeguards like timelocks and clear processes. Our permission system allows different levels of access for roles like Vault Managers and traders or strategists, fostering a secure and efficient ecosystem where each participant operates within defined parameters.
Yield Pools: Factor Studio enables users to create and manage yield pools, which optimize yield generation through a combination of strategies such as liquidity provision, yield farming, and staking. These pools can be tailored to meet specific risk and return profiles, catering to various user preferences and investment approaches.
Tokenized Baskets: Factor Studio enables users to create tokenized baskets representing a diversified portfolio of underlying assets. Use cases for baskets can range from passive index funds to actively managed thematic portfolios. Each basket is represented by a unique token that is distributed to its depositors.
Custom DeFi Primitives: Beyond the aforementioned use cases, Factor Studio's modular design empowers creators to develop and deploy custom DeFi primitives tailored to their specific needs. By combining various building blocks, creators can design unique financial instruments and solutions that address emerging trends, challenges, or opportunities within the DeFi landscape.
SDKs and API Integration: Factor Studio offers two SDKs in development – Infrastructure SDK and Strategy SDK – that allow projects to launch and manage Factor-powered products on their own UI and streamline the process of deploying custom strategies. Additionally, users can write trading strategies in multiple programming languages such as Python, R, and Pinescript using the API, offering a high level of flexibility.