Factor Docs

Who is Factor Studio For?

DeFi Protocols

Factor's platform provides a seamless way for DeFi protocols to expand their product offerings and increase their exposure. By integrating their assets with Factor and creating custom vaults, protocols can:
  • Drive Total Value Locked (TVL) to their platforms by offering unique, tailored strategies that attract investors, thus creating a positive feedback loop of increasing exposure and investment.
  • Generate additional revenue through fees, as users participate in custom vaults and strategies specifically designed for the protocol's assets.
  • Access new revenue streams via incentives, which promote user engagement and create opportunities for cross-platform collaboration.
  • Enhance visibility, versatility, and profitability for their projects by leveraging the Factor ecosystem to showcase their products, services, and innovations to a broader audience.

Asset Managers

Factor Studio provides asset managers with a powerful foundation for designing, deploying, and managing custom financial instruments for their clients. Asset managers can:
  • Create and manage innovative products, strategies, and vaults that cater to the unique needs and preferences of their clients, thus providing differentiated value and fostering client loyalty.
  • Acquire TVL and earn fees by attracting investors to their custom strategies and vaults, thus generating additional revenue streams.
  • Leverage the full potential of decentralized finance for their clients by offering access to a broad range of DeFi products and services via the Factor ecosystem.

Yield Farmers

For yield farmers, Factor Discover offers a comprehensive database of yield-generation opportunities created using Factor Studio's building blocks:
  • Identify attractive opportunities based on risk tolerance, investment goals, and preferred assets, enabling them to optimize their yield farming strategies and maximize returns.
  • Maximize their returns while minimizing risks by participating in curated, high-quality vaults and strategies that have undergone thorough due diligence by the DAO.
  • Utilize Factor's easy-to-use filtering system to find suitable options, reducing the time and effort required for manual research and analysis.