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One Token One Vote (OTOV) is a traditional voting system where each $veFCTR holder has only one vote and the weight of their vote is the same as everyone else's. This system does not allow for any customization or intensity of conviction to be weighed, which can lead to a lack of incentive for participation and a disproportionate amount of power given to whales.

Advantages Of OTOV

The simplicity and clarity of OTOV make it easy to understand, meaning it would be less intimidating for stakers who are unfamiliar with complex mathematical functions like quadratic voting. Additionally, because all votes are equal in value, it ensures that all stakeholders have an equal say in governance decisions regardless of their holdings or activity level.

Drawbacks and Risks Of OTOV

The main drawback associated with OTOV is that there can be an imbalance between stakeholders who own large amounts $veFCTR compared to those who own small amounts. This lack of balance between whales and smaller holders can result in certain voices being ignored and interests not being represented accurately within the organization.