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This section offers a detailed breakdown of FCTR's token allocation, shedding light on the purpose of each allocation category and the corresponding vesting schedules.

Public Sale (10%)

10% of the FCTR tokens are allocated to the public sale, which is fully unlocked and distributed via Camelot DEX using a custom fair launch model.

Ecosystem Incentives (20.8%)

20.8% of FCTR tokens are designated for ecosystem incentives, which include strategy creation, growth, protocol owned liquidity (POL), and other incentives within the ecosystem. These tokens are linearly vested over 12 months.

Community Bootstrapping (4.2%)

The community bootstrapping allocation represents 4.2% of FCTR tokens, priced at $0.05, and is linearly vested over 12 months with a 30-day cliff. No tokens will be available at Token Generation Event (TGE). This allocation supports smart contract audits, development, legal, and marketing efforts required for the platform's launch.

Team (15%)

The team allocation amounts to 15% of FCTR tokens and is vested over a 24-month period, with a 30-day cliff. No tokens will be available at TGE. Note that while team tokens are vested, they do not accrue $veFCTR. To accrue $veFCTR, the tokens must be unlocked and staked, ensuring fair distribution and rewards for all participants.

Treasury Reserve (50%)

50% of FCTR tokens are allocated to the Treasury Reserve, which is vested over 4 years. This reserve is used for DAO contributor compensations, DAO-to-DAO token swaps, and any other future needs of the DAO. This allocation helps ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the Factor ecosystem.
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