Factor Docs

Revenue Model

All revenue generated by the platform is reinvested in a decentralized manner. Specifically, 50% of the platform fees are allocated to $veFCTR holders, while the remaining 50% is distributed into the DAO treasury. This arrangement supports the functioning and expansion of the DAO and its subDAO structure, as outlined in the Governance section of our documentation.
$FCTR holders have the opportunity to lock their tokens for periods of up to 4 years. Those who commit to longer-term staking receive increased amounts of $veFCTR, granting them a greater share of protocol revenue and enhanced voting rights compared to shorter-term stakers. It's worth noting that our staking contracts also include a "rage quit" option, allowing stakers to exit their locked positions for a fee that corresponds to the remaining duration of their lock. The $veFCTR emissions formula is simple: