Factor Docs

Use Cases

Vault Creation

Factor Studio enables creators to design and deploy custom vaults with ease. Users can define the assets, weights, and rebalancing methodologies, as well as set fees and permissions for vault managers. Vaults can serve multiple purposes, such as yield optimization, risk mitigation, or specific DeFi strategies.

Tokenized Baskets

Factor Studio allows users to create tokenized baskets representing a diversified portfolio of underlying assets. Use cases for baskets can range from passive index funds to actively managed thematic portfolios. Each basket is represented by a unique token that is distributed to its depositors. Factor provides performance and risk metrics, enabling users to evaluate and select baskets based on their goals and risk appetite.

Upcoming Use Cases

Lending Pools

Factor Studio will allows users to create and manage lending pools for different assets and protocols. Creators can define interest rate models, collateral requirements, liquidation thresholds, as well as set up incentives to encourage lending and borrowing activity.


The infrastructure is slated to add support for creation of on-chain derivatives with flexible parameters, enabling builders to launch new derivatives protocols.

Custom DeFi Primitives

Beyond the aforementioned use cases, Factor Studio's modular design empowers creators to develop and deploy custom DeFi primitives tailored to their specific needs. By combining various building blocks, creators can design unique financial instruments and solutions that address emerging trends, challenges, or opportunities within the DeFi landscape. Additionally, the infrastructure naturally lends itself to streamlining joint ventures between existing protocols.
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